Linsalato vs Fuentes

Dormant until 2012 when being disturbed in perio treatment.

Follow up 6 months later


Follow up 15 years later 1995

May 2012 scan below.

involvement of teeth 13,14, and 15.

bone loss in post treatment CT below

Nov/Dec 2013 below

This comparison shows 14 and 15 taken by Fuentes prior to treatment 5-2012 on the left and 9-2016 on the right. Siginaficant bone loss

Click below for short videos of area

links 1 5-2012 prior to treatment

link #2

link #3

link #4 Shows good side of my jaw

link #5 good to tumor 5-2012 prior to treatment

link #6 Slicing vertical

link #7



Archive of pictures below

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Pictures below taken early to mid 2015